Shout Shotel Jig

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Product Description

Shout Shotel Jig


The Shout Shotel is a cousin to the Lance jig, but with more thickness. The jig has a cradle fall action with a back and forth action that helps trigger the bite.  As a semi-long jig it is a perfect solution for fish actively feeding but not biting on a long jig or when a short jig is not reaching bottom fast enough.  The Shotel uses its cradle fall as a weapon to make a nervous target with a short small silhouette in shallow water.  In the deep, the thick body decreases the influence of the leader and the main line, and the cradle fall is easy to sustain.  Suitable for all jigging styles including slow pitch and high speed jigging, the Shotel is one of the most versatile jigs in the Shout lineup. 

Size (g) Length (in)
100 3.5
130 4
160 4.5
200 4.5
250 5
300 6
400 7
500 7.5