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Ripple Fisher Ocean Voyager GTXpedition Rods

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Product Description

Ripple Fisher Ocean Voyager GTXpedition


New for 2020, Ripplefisher’s 3 piece travel rod, “GTXpedition”. In light of recent travel restrictions, Ripple Fisher set the collapsed length to 887mm for the PE6 and PE8 class rods. Not only are these rods suitable for GT fishing in exotic locations, but also for targeting massive kingfish. The GTXpedition is light for its class, has outstanding balance, and has an action conducive for throwing both stickbaits and poppers, while maintaining a parabolic bending curve, easing the stress on the angler. 

Model Descriptions:


The 81M model is a PE6 class multi piece travel rod, designed to target GT and Kingfish. In particular, this model is ideal for use with diving pencils and small mouthed poppers. Anglers will be able to cast into strong head winds with its added sharpness and parabolic blank will assist anglers in maintaining balance during the fight, and efficiently lift the fish. The 81M provides one with the opportunity to go head to head against 30-40kg-class GT, while being a light, sharp, PE6 class rod.


The 81MH is a PE8 class multi piece travel rod, designed to primarily target large size GTs.  In particular, this model is ideal for use with large diving pencils and medium size mouthed poppers. The sharpness of the blank reduces the load on the angler, when casting all day long. Contrary to the 81M, this model is more muscular and has a sharper blank, reducing fight time. The 81MH allows anglers to load the blank and stop the fish in shallow waters or around rough structures.

Model Length Assembled (Closed) Weight (g) Max Lure (g) Line Action
GTXpedition 81M 81M 8'1" (2'11") 380 140 Max PE 6 Fast
GTXpedition 81MH 81MH 8'1" (2'11") 386 180 Max PE 8 Fast