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Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Big Tuna Popping Rod

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Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Big Tuna Popping Rod


There are three prevalent tuna species that are fished for across the globe including bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna. Each species inhabit different seas with different current conditions, water temperature, baits and sizes. Furthermore, the size of these species tend to be growing and with the evolution of our fishing tackle and the improvement of the anglers capabilities, super large size (200kg class) tuna have started being caught. In order to adapt to the ever changing conditions and situations, Ripple Fisher developed the Big Tuna series. Tuna rods are the largest and most powerful series of rods and thus require the most intricate carbon sheet patterns and techniques in order to create the blanks. Ripple Fisher continues to evolve and improve their techniques to keep up with the most up to date fishing techniques and style. This series incorporates premium graphites and nano technology for optimum performance. The rods utilize premium components such as Fuji MN Ocean SiC guides and Fuji down locking reel seats. The rods also feature thread work which show their powers for easy identification on the boat. All rods are two-piece with a 70/30 split grip. Ripple Fisher Big Tuna Popping Rods feature both Aluminum Gimbal and Rubber Butt Caps. Models 70, 710RT, 83, 85F, 86, and 87AS feature a version with either Aluminum Gimbal or Butt Cap, while the 73 and 76 models only feature an Aluminum Gimbal. Made in Japan.

Model Descriptions:


A model with super large bluefin tuna in mind. 70 is a model for anglers who make full use of both "high-load fighting with the rod upright" and "fighting with straight pumping" to catch fish. The rod power is the same as BT76 and BT73, but the design has superior breaking strength. By shortening the blank length and moving the fulcrum of the bend toward the angler side, the burden on the angler is greatly reduced, while providing the necessary length to dodge the bow and obstacles, allowing for two types of fights. We have created a product that allows you to do it more smoothly and comfortably.


This is a power rod for anglers to go after blue-fin Tuna tipping the 200kg scale at super high drag settings based on the presumption for a long drawn out fight. The bending point of the rod is set closer towards the angler for her/him to be able to withstand the high 15kg+ drag settings for long durations. Its strengths are when utilizing large lures for situations where the targets are feeding on Dorado’s as its bait, however it is also capable of use with smaller sinking pencils weighing only 60g with the tip section being set lightly.


This model is for anglers with their sights on Bluefin tuna weighing over 200kg. Similar to the 73, this 76 is capable of not only casting large lures mostly used when the targets are feeding on dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), but also allows anglers to cast and control the lighter (60g) sinking pencils for smaller baits. The difference from the 73 will be the contrasting fight style. While possessing strong butt power to constantly apply pressure on the fish, we have drastically reduced the load on the angler by bringing the bending point closer to the angler, allowing for a prolonged fight.


A retuned version of the original 710. Not only has the rod become softer, but it has also become a well-balanced heavy class model that can be easily manipulated for both luring and fighting. This rod is sharp when casting while possessing the tenacity and added lifting power. This rod was built for anglers to devote their strength to aggressively fight the fish instead of supporting the angler for long drawn out fights. Although it is possible for anglers to high stick this rod to conserve energy, the lifting power will allow anglers to take initiative of the fight before it ends up becoming a long drawn-out battle. You could say that this rod will only show its true evolutionary characteristics to experienced anglers.


This model was developed with “lure control” and “fight” as its main focus, but it goes without saying that casting is also outstanding. It is a PE6~8 middle class rod not only able to pinpoint cast but also able to utilize small mouthed diving poppers and diving pencils required for an attack. You will be able to realize the evolution of our BIG-TUNA series with its lightness and outstanding balance, allowing anglers to cast all day long. Furthermore, the bending point is set close to the body enabling anglers to easily bend in and capitalize on the butt power with little effort.


This 85F will allow anglers to cast out small lures with great distance with the use of lines between PE3~6 and lures ranging from 18g ~ 120g. It is a tenacious and bendy rod so it is less likely for anglers to break the rod when high sticking. Use of general light tuna rods result in a long and grueling fight as angles are worried about rod breakage or line breakages, however, this 85F is not a light tackle rod. It is a new generation of tuna rods which exceed the line and knot breakage specifications. Although it possesses the power to overcome Tuna exceeding 50kg, this tolerant rod will also be ideal for casting for targets such as Yellow-tails and Kingfish in your local waters.


If you are looking for long casts and accuracy with heavy class tackle, 86 is the best model. In situations where the bait is small and you cannot choose the size of the bait you are targeting, you can use the flexibility of the tip to expand the range of lure selection than conventional heavy tackle, and it is also a model that makes it easier to throw the lure with less force. In the fight, the fulcrum of bending is on the hand side, but it does not compromise the tension of the blank and does not give the initiative to the tuna.


As its name suggests, the AS (Accuracy Shoot) model is designed to accurately cast lures into the feeding fish. In addition to the steady blank kick-back after casting, we have equipped two RV guides on the butt enabling an extremely smooth line ejection from the reel through to the rod. The casting ability will support anglers when the feeding frenzy is far or in heavy conditions casting into the wind. It is not only able to cast large lures but the blank will also allow the use of small 40g size lures. This middle class rod will assist anglers with its taper design ideal to slowly but surely lift the fish from the deep while being able to high-stick the rod. It is an ideal rod to target Tuna around 50~60kg. We hope this new concept will open up new possibilities for your future fishing.

Model  Length  Line Rating (PE)  Lure Rating (g)  Power Category  Action  Recommended Reel Size
70 7'-0" 10-12 80-220 Power Regular S・D:18000~30000
73  7'-3" 8-12 60-180 Power Moderate-Fast S・D:18000~30000
76  7'-6" 8-12 60-180 Power Moderate-Fast S・D:18000~30000
710RT 7'-10" 8-12 40-160 Heavy Regular S・D:18000~30000
83  8'-3" 6-8 40-150 Medium Moderate S・D:14000~18000
85F  8'-5" 3-6 18-120 Light Moderate S・D:8000~14000
86 8'-6" 8-12 40-160 Heavy Regular S・D:18000~30000
87AS 8'-7" 5-8 40-150 Medium Regular S・D:14000~18000