Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Big Tuna Popping Rod

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Product Description

Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Big Tuna Popping Rod


There are three prevalent tuna species that are fished for across the globe including bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna.  Each species inhabit different seas with different current conditions, water temperature, baits and sizes. Furthermore, the size of these species tend to be growing and with the evolution of our fishing tackle and the improvement of the anglers capabilities, super large size (200kg class) tuna have started being caught. In order to adapt to the ever changing conditions and situations, Ripple Fisher developed the Big Tuna series.  Tuna rods are the largest and most powerful series of rods and thus require the most intricate carbon sheet patterns and techniques in order to create the blanks. Ripple Fisher continues to evolving and improve their techniques to keep up with the most up to date fishing techniques and style.  This series incorporates premium graphites and nano technology for optimum performance.  The rods utilize premium components such as Fuji MN Ocean SiC guides and Fuji down locking reel seats.  The rods also feature thread work which show their powers for easy identification on the boat.  All rods are two piece with a 70/30 split grip .Made in Japan.

Model Descriptions:

85F & 83:
Although, these models can fish heavier fishing lines like PE8, if you are in situation where you need to cast light and small lures, these rods will be optimized for a lighter line such as PE6. Both models have moderate flexibility on belly section so even though those got length, you can maintain a comfortable position while fighting the fish.  The bend photo displays still weight of 6kg is loaded onto 85F and 83 which is similar to a load placed on the rod if fishing with PE6.

85 & 710:
These two models are the core of the series capable of use with various size lures for different bait sizes. The 85 is an extended model of the 710 with a sharper tip section when casting. Although the long length blank may feel stiffer, the butt section of the 710 is predominantly stronger.

76 & 73:
These models will assist anglers in situations where large lures are required due to the targets feeding on large baits. At a 45° angle, both the 73 and 76 can be seen to have the same power. However, once the rod is lifted even higher, the 76 will start bending closer to the body, reducing the load on the angler. The 73 has a sharp casting feel while able to fight the fish with more power.

Model Length Line Rating (PE) Lure Rating (g) Power Category Thread Color Action
85F 8ft 5in 3-6 18-120 Light Silver Moderate
83 8ft 3in 6-8 40-150 Medium Blue Moderate
85 8ft 5in 6-12 40-160 Heavy Red Moderate-Fast
710 7ft 10in 6-12 40-160 Heavy Red Moderate-Fast
73 7ft 3in 8-12 60-180 Extra Heavy Gold Moderate-Fast
76 7ft 6in 8-12 60-180 Extra Heavy Gold Moderate-Fast