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Ripple Fisher Selfish Jigging Rod

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Product Description

Ripple Fisher Selfish Jigging Rods


The Ripple Fisher Selfish Jigging Rods have been newly redesigned in 2020.  The new series of rods were designed to handle the new demands that are popular on the jigging scene.  The rods are now able to successful slide or swim the jig naturally, maneuvering the jig to induce that “bite”.
All models have the inherited the characteristics of the Selfish series with the slim, light and sharp feeling able to cut through the current, yet possessing a contradicting powerful butt section.



A series especially designed to naturally maneuver the jig by eliminating any unnecessary flicking and jumping of the jig. The versatile multi purpose models are able to induce bites in selective situations, various sea conditions and areas.


The 614S is a jigging rod meant for operating in technical waters where sensitivity and feel are needed to properly entice fish.  The rod is perfect for targeting reef species up to 20 pounds in weight. 


This 597S Nano designed for vertical jigging to aim large size Kingfish, Amberjacks, and smaller tunas.  You will be able to jerk with high pitch in short stroke or jerk in long stroke with sharpness feeling.  Yet you will feel kind of stiffness when you jerk, it will bend nicely and absorb the huge impact of great amberjack.

Model Length Weight (g) Pieces Lure Weight (g) PE Max Action
632S 6'3" 126 1 80 - 130g 2

Regular Fast

614S 6'1" 180 1 130 - 170g 3 Regular Fast
597S 5'9" 205 1 180 - 240 5 Regular Fast